One simple tool to stimulate lymph flow and increase microcirculation in your capillaries!

Experience the Benefits of High-Tech Wellness from the Comfort of Your Home

World's Number One...

  • Terahertz Frequency

  • Quantum Technology

  • Optical Quartz Light Technology

the itercare wand can help you...

  • Achieve Radiant Skin

  • Relieve Stress

  • Boost Energy

  • Accelerate Skin Healing

iteracare Classic - USA $380

(no shipping, no tax!)

Terahertz Technology For Your Greatest Health

iteracare Classic -

USA $380 (no shipping, no tax!)

iTeraCare Healing Testimonial

⛔️ Warning: This video contains graphic imagery.

Water Magic with iTeraCare

more iTeracare education & Testimonials

Easy to Use:


iteracare Classic - USA $380 (no shipping, no tax!)

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iTeraCare live calls - every Tuesday with Dr Kelly.

Tuesday @6:30 central 7:30 Eastern


These calls are not recorded.

Anyone can join these calls. Ask questions or just listen in. They are very informative calls and you will hear people's testimonials.

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